Q: What is your role in organizing the berlin zinefest?

A: I don't know how to answer this really- the work I do for zinefest is so ingrained into what I do in my life (and I like it that way) I invest a lot of time and energy into planning it because I'm so excited to see the outcome and bring zinesters together for a rockin weekend, and wanting to see/build a zine community in berlin.
I'm one of the main organizers, and helped to establish it in the beginning (2011) There are about 7-9 of us and we each take on different tasks.. What I do is check the zinefest inbox, organize the emails and keep track of the table applications, figure out how the tables will fit in the rooms, answering questions, updating the website, and doing interviews when we're asked for one. But maybe my main role is perpetual PR, because I am constantly talking about zinefest and informing everyone that I talk to! (organically of course, people ask Oh what are you doing? I'm doing the zinefest. What's the zinefest? etc)

- website
- Live radio broadcast from the event, 4.11.12 via Funkfabrik B. We open with our zinefest song, and I read from my #12 zine around 40:00
- Some photos and some more photos.

Interviews/ press:
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