24 May, 2009

"I am not my past."

Below: Every letter received since age 10, school notebooks since grade 7, sketchbook from grade 8, all contents from 4 drawers of desk in bedroom, all contents from green folio organizer (all scraps from senior year of college, comments book from thesis show, remaining scraps from california, notes, letters, cards, photos, collage bits), folder of jokes printed from the internet from middle school, sticky-note/secrets project, foam-core speech bubbles from self-trialogue project, meticulously-kept calendars and organizers since 2002, college report cards stacked on refrigerator since 2005, various writings on scrap paper, box of collected collage materials found during senior year, collected flyers from music shows attended since 2002, saved papers and scraps that held a former significance, bank statements, various photos and negatives, slides of artwork, a small rubber duck.